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Comodo® Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates

An EV SSL Certificate with 128-bit to 256-bit encryption


$399/2 years

Comodo Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates are the highest assurance certificate which provides the highest level of encryption, perfect for reassuring your visitors by turning the address bar green during secure sessions so they can complete their transactions. The green address bar, exclusive to EV SSL, provides visual assurance to visitors that the site is verified and secured for online transactions.

Features :

  • Issued In 1 week
  • Green address bar provides visual confirmation of complete verification of business identity
  • Full organization validated to EV guideline
  • 2048-bit, highest assurance SSL certificate, with 99.9% Browser Recognition
  • Unlimited server licenses
  • Recognized by 99.9% of browsers and mobile devices
  • 128/256 bit encryption
  • Post-Install health check
  • FREE site seal, FREE PCI scanning, FREE daily website scanning
  • $250,000 relying party warranty
  • 30 days money back guarantee

E-commerce merchants are going beyond the gold padlock to assure their visitors with green bar with Extended Validation SSL certificates, the e-commerce standard for trust and security. The green address bar of browser, exclusive to EV SSL certificates, assures website visitors that they are doing transaction over a highly trusted and secured website which is secure with Extended Validation SSL certificate. The EV SSL certificates are designed to strengthen e-commerce security and combat phishing attacks to make EV SSL the most complete SSL certificate available. EV SSL certificate provide the highest level of security by turning address bar green, which increases the level of trust in consumers helps customer conversion.

Obtaining an Extended Validation SSL certificate requires a rigorous validation process performed by Comodo, a registered Certificate Authority (CA). This practice is required to ensure that the company who is applying for EV certificate meets Extended Validation standards set by CA. These strict validation guidelines help keep the green address bar associated with only trusted organizations to maintain the highest level of security and trust in visitors.

Comodo also has Extended Validation certificates to secure multiple unique domains.


Server and Client OS Compatibility

Client OS

Mac OS X, Snow Leapord, Windows 7, Vista, Xp, 2000, Linux Client OS.

Server OS

Windows Server 2008, 2003, 2000, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, Novell, etc.

Web Server

Microsoft IIS 7, IIS6, Apache, Tomcat, IBM HTTP, Weblogic, Cobalt

E-Mail Servers

Netscape Communicator 4.51+,Microsoft Outlook 99+,Microsoft Entourage (OS/X),Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0+,Qualcomm Eudora 6.2+,Lotus Notes (6+), etc.

Browser Compatibility

  • Chrome - 3+ above
  • Firefox - 1+ above
  • IE - 5+ above
  • Opera - 7+ above
  • Netscape - 9+ above
  • AOL - 10+ above
  • Safari all browsers

Mobile Browser Compatibility

  • Android (inclusion carrier specific)
  • Apple iPhone, iPod Safari
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 5/6
  • Microsoft Windows CE 4.0
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Pocket PC 2003
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Smartphone 2003
  • RIM Blackberry 4.3.0
  • Major Operators inc. Vodafone, Orange, AT&T
  • NTT / DoCoMo
  • SoftBank Mobile
  • KDDI
  • Brew
  • PalmOS 5.x
  • Netfront 3.0+
  • Opera 4.10+
  • Openwave mobile browser 6.20+
  • Major Handset providers SonyEricsson, Nokia

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