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Comodo® HackerProof Trust Mark with Daily Vulnerability Scan

Daily vulnerability scan with Hacker Proof Trust Mark


$1400/2 years

HackerProof shows your visitors that your website is hackerproof and it creates a trustmark which is displayed on a website to build trust and confidence. Behind HackerProof is a powerful daily scanning engine that ensures HackerProof websites meet Comodo's standards. Hacker Proof is supported with daily vulnerability scan of website to keep website clean of any vulnerability. HackerProof is also built with the website owner in mind. A powerful combination of Hacker Proof tools keeps a website's security up-to-date and can even validate quarterly PCI compliance. SiteInspector, ensure that the website is completely secured and one step ahead or hackers. No other trustmark provides the robust features and value of Comodo's HackerProof.


  • The best designed trustmark featuring exclusive technology to display on your website all from the brand recognized around the world for security and trust.
  • Daily vulnerability scanning that identifies security holes and ensures visitors your website meets HackerProof's trustmark standards.
  • A web-based management tool to analyze your visitor's interaction with HackerProof
  • It provides easy clean-up instructions if your site is infected

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