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Comodo® HackerGuardian PCI Scanning Enterprise Edition

PCI Scan Compliancy Enterprise Edition


$588/2 years

$880/3 years

PCI Scanning enterprise edition secures your multiple gateways with single scanner; means if you are a big e-merchant, web hosting company or payment gateway and you want PCI Compliance scanning on multiple servers, server types is large and all they have distributed networks then Comodo PCI Scanning Enterprise edition is best option for you.

PCI Scanning Enterprise Edition will automatically generate PCI Scan compliance report for multiple server and server type and submit the scanning report to your acquiring bank. You will get flexibility and power to schedule unlimited vulnerability audits per quarter with advance reporting. Comodo PCI Scanning enterprise edition provides your severs scan reports including with trend analysis and executive summaries alongside precise, actionable threat mitigation advice. In addition, it will assure your website visitors that you are authorized to accept credit cards with a high visibility trust indicator.


  • Gain PCI compliance on 20 IP addresses per quarter
  • Schedule unlimited on-demand scans per quarter
  • Full access and control over the entire suite of over 30,000+ vulnerability tests
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Additional IP Address Pack allows you to run unlimited scans over an additional number of external and internal IP addresses.

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