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Comodo® Web Inspector

Scans your website everyday for any malware infection

Comodo Web Inspector Starter
50 pages scanned


Comodo Web Inspector Plus
250 pages scanned


Comodo Web Inspector Premium
700 pages scanned


Comodo Web Inspector Enterprise
1000 pages scanned


Comodo Web Inspector is a very powerful malware and blacklist monitoring services for websites. It ensures security of the highest order for your website. If any malware is discovered on website or if a website is found to be near website blacklisting services then the owner of website will be informed immediately through an email. This helps the web owners to take a prompt action and save his website from being black listed. COMODO WEB INSPECTOR also tests the website security. Web Inspector incorporates a fully fledged PCI scan driven by Comodo's Hacker Guardian technology for e-commerce websites to maintain compliance with the payment card industry's mandatory standards.

COMODO WEB INSPECTOR is not a regular malware detection system. This system is operating within the cloud which offers the best security solution to your website.


  • Daily Malware Scanning
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Immediate Notifications
  • PCI Scanning
  • Database Security
  • Tust seal

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