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GeoTrust® Web Site Anti-Malware Scan

Scan your website every day with daily anti-malware scan of geotrust


$139/2 years

$179/3 years

Never let your website get hacked again, protect you and your potential customers by using website anti malware scan service for your website.. You can use a cost-effective daily anti-malware scan for your website to give assurance to your customers and visitors that websites they are visiting have been scanned for malware and are safe for browsing . GeoTrust Web Site Anti-Malware Scan helps you identify malware threats to websites and allow you to display an anti-malware seal from GeoTrust, which we all know is one of the most popular SSL and web security brands on the planet.


  • Assure customers that your site has been scanned
  • Avoid potential blacklisting by browsers & search engines
  • Get daily anti-malware scans for up to 50 pages
  • Non-invasive daily scan
  • Immediate email alerts when malware is found
  • Minimal contact data is collected
  • No Vetting required enables immediate activation
  • Order contacts are notified first scan will be run within twenty four hours
  • It provides easy clean-up instructions if your site is infected

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